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What is growth hacking explained simple yet powerful way

What is growth hacking? Understand the power of what growth hacking has to offer by know what it is to start with. Listen to as a podcast Growth Success  In the United States, there are 32 million registered businesses. 1% of them make over $1 million a year, and 1% of those companies make over

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MENA Startup Ecosystem 2.0 Scale-out and up.

Welcome to the MENA Ecosystem 2.0  One-Size-Fits-All. Or Does It? One-size-fits-all. It never works for everyone. It’s an ill-fitting garment. We’re left with something that just doesn’t feel right. We know this reality, yet startups  follow the same unsuccessful formula; taking the conditioned one-size fits all approach to exit.  Masked innovative execution is no-longer enough.

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The future of growth hacking

The future of growth hacking  When it comes to the long-term success of a business, growth is going to be at the center of its rise to stardom. More than anything else, growth is going to determine how a company fares, and whether it will stick around for a while or fizzle out into obscurity.

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Top growth hacking techniques

Top growth hacking techniques Growth hacking is inherently extreme marketing tactics. A good growth hacking strategy can better a company's reputation, enhance its SEO and enormously increase its profits. Growth hacking is different from traditional marketing in that growth hacking strategy are designed to accelerate rapid business growth with much less effort; they're almost business



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    The next big thing is spacetech [Opinion]

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    The next big thing is spacetech [Opinion] Space is a frontier that's fast becoming accessible to everyone. The space economy is poised for explosive growth in the next 10 years and it’ll be space agencies working with the private sector pushing this forward. From private spaceflight, to new life -saving and age-extending medical technologies such

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    Four reasons why a startup-to-startup economy works

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    Four reasons why a startup-to-startup economy works Coming together can be a beautiful thing for startups.  As a serial entrepreneur and creator of Timez5, Nader Sabry has had his fair share of experience in the startup ecosystems around the world. Here he gives his four reasons why startups should be looking to work together. Startups by

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    How this NASA-certified mat can help Muslims reduce knee injuries

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    How this NASA-certified mat can help Muslims reduce knee injuries Reine Farhat June 14, 2015 Innovation often comes from a personal inspiration or a simple observation. In Nader Sabry’s case, it was both. “I saw this really old man. He must have been in his seventies or eighties. I saw him praying and his facial

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    MENA startups are taking on women’s health

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    Women are vastly underserved by healthcare systems in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Willam Altman February 07, 2016 Limited access to high-quality and affordable healthcare for women in MENA is evidenced by the fact that they face particularly acute and in some cases globally chart-topping health challenges that are getting worse. Yet, digital

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    Meet the top influencers in growth hacking

    Although growth hacking as a term has only come into the popular lexicon recently, it has become a rallying cry of growth-minded marketers ever since. Fortunately, because growth hacking itself has become a massive part of the industry, it’s never been easier to find inspiration and insight into how it works and how you can

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    What free licensing in Dubai for startups could mean?

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    What free licensing could mean for Dubai startups? A freemium business licensing model will bring in AED 52 Billion (US$ 14 billion) in economic value from innovation startups alone. (Image via Pexels) A ‘free business license’ and other subsidized costs would be great to have for a startup, and it’s not as far-fetched as you